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Our Toronto Professional Window Cleaning Company Clean Homes

We help to keep your windows as clean as the day they were installed in your home. Also, we don’t have to be hanging down from your roof or use any special harnesses. We primarily use a purified water system, safely working from the ground. Our feet are firmly on the ground while we work to make sure there are no potential scares and we can concentrate on the job at hand.


At the same time, we use a completely water-fed system that’s both sustainable and eco-friendly. We don’t believe there’s any other way and want to ensure that we clean your home; it’s always with our safe cleaning solutions. The size of your home can be big or small, but the quality we offer is always at the highest level.


While we’re there to keep your home windows clean, we can also help clean your gutters. It's important to make sure your gutters are clear of debris. Having those gutters pile up over time can cause some damage. You won’t have to deal with this once our professionals come in and eliminate whatever buildup you have in there.

We Clean Commercially

You want to have potential customers see into your business. This requires your windows to be spotless and squeaky clean. Maybe you’re managing an office building a few stories high and want to have your tenants enjoy their crystal clear view? Or perhaps you’re running a car dealership and want people to see all the cars in the showroom.


Regardless of your operation, we know the importance of keeping your shop windows clean and your office building windows spotless. That’s why we come prepared to tackle each job safely. This feature helps us to reach those heights without risking ourselves or anyone around us. We use the best equipment such as non-abrasive  high-end scrubbers and brushes for those extra difficult jobs.


We recommend that you set up a routine and schedule with us for commercial businesses. For one, this will help to keep your costs down with consistency. That’s something everyone can use these days to help manage their expenses. On the other hand, we can be more efficient with a regular window cleaning schedule as we only need to maintain that clean standard year round.


These elements help keep your business approachable and attractive through these clean windows. In addition, your customers will respond to the efforts you take to maintain such a clean business. We will also help keep with your schedule outside of business hours.


Residential Cleaning

We primarily service:



Condo Units


Window Cleaning
Modern Office Building

Commercial Cleaning

We primarily service:



Car Dealerships

Office Buildings

Industrial Buildings

Interior Window Cleaning

Interior services include window cleaning and wiping down all window ledges *


* Frames, tracks and screens available for cleaning at an additional price

Open Window
Shop display window

Exterior Window Cleaning

We provide professional and reliable exterior window cleaning for both commercial and residential homes* up to three stories high.


* Additional services  (gutter cleaning) upon request.

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